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Serving the Neon and Signage Industry for 50 years

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Neolite can supply a full range of Glostertube and Masonlite glass tubing.

Neon Glass and Electrodes

Neolite can supply a full range of Siet and Standard Brand neon transformers.

Neon Transformers

Neolite can supply a range of standard neon signs. Customised neon signs can also be designed, manufactured and installed.

Neon Signs

Neolite can supply a full range of light boxes and fluorescent components including lamps, ballasts, lamp holders, capacitors and wire etc.

Signs—Illuminated and Non Illuminated

A collection of neon artwork.

Neon Art

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Slotted dimensional letters.

Trim cap for channel letters

Wagner Letters



Bandilight is the brand name of the Hyundai LED company.

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